Jules Stewart has actually formally “turn out” on her daughter Kristen’s part in a recently available meeting aided by the

Sunday Mirror

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Today Kristen’s mum Jules Stewart, 55, has actually confirmed the two tend to be matchmaking as she says to just how delighted this woman is the woman daughter features found really love.

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“what is never to end up being taking about her now having a girlfriend? She is pleased,” Jules disclosed. “She’s my personal girl, i am merely her mommy so she understands I would take their choices.”

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While many can be doubtful of exactly what Kristen’s intimate direction has reached this aspect since she actually is noted for the woman famous union with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, it appears that the celebrity only wants whomever she wants.

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Though it’s ambiguous exactly how comfy Kristen and Alicia tend to be with Kristen’s mama speaking about her connection because of the press (“MOOOOOOOM!!!!”), it’s lovely observe a mother or father be thus supporting of these kid’s selections, particularly since Jules does not seem to look at the woman daughter’s sexuality as a problem. Stewart adds that she actually is fulfilled Alicia Cargile, and declares this lady “a gorgeous lady.” Nothing wrong with a couple of gals being pals!

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