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GAAP  = Generally Accepted Accounting Principles – Practice


GAAP attempts to standardize and regulate the definitions, assumptions and methods used in accounting. This helps companies prepare consistent financial statements from year to year.


GAAP is used by small, medium and large business.  Banks, financial credit institutions, local government, shareholders and investors normally appreciate, some insisting that company’s management and their internal or independent accountants certify that the financial statements and related notes were prepared in accordance with GAAP.


A core module – detailed general ledger accounting.

  • Facilitates all business sizes. Includes bookkeeping, general ledger accounting, invoicing, budget, payroll (option), journals, purchasing, expenditure, income, quotes, creditors control, debtors control, suppliers, clients listings, import bank statements, import chart of accounts, a full accounting package with unlimited transactions and multi access that adapts to any country regulations.
  • Technical issues 24/7 emails, call, Skype
  • Accounting assistance by the proximate accounting professional 7/5 email, calls, appointments
  • Online training to start you off, continued
  • Entry corrections by expert directly online
  • Assistance with year end, VAT & tax report edits for your country
  • Multi featured support; help in text, online help video, and dedicated proximate professional support.
  • Unlimited entry transactions
  • Sales, invoicing, suppliers, create, view, manage
  • Other expenses
  • Bank account feed for reconciliations
  • Journals
  • Products & service category, create, manage

  • Standard VAT report
  • Debtors & creditors reports
  • Trial balance
  • Profit & loss (p+l)
  • Balance street (standard year end report)
  • Contact clients & suppliers directly
  • Send invoices, quotes, suppliers notes directly by email
  • Digital reporting API facilities
  • Suits all businesses, small, medium, and large
  • Chart of accounts, General ledger and reporting can be adapts to local country regulations
  • Can be used anywhere for dedicated reporting
  • Do it yourself and Easy to use
  • Continued upgrades, enhancements free
  • Can pay monthly or yearly with discount options
  • Multi currency
  • Brand to own logo

Invoice Features

  • Secured online invoicing. Cloud 24/7
  • Multi access suits office and mobile sales staff.
  • Define invoice per business unit, project or geographically
  • Easily create and follows quotes, invoices.
  • Quick pay, send invoice by email and record payment direct to invoice
  • Export data to accounting. Import bank receipts.
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Sales, invoicing, suppliers, create, view, manage

 Cash Management Budget integration

  •  Integrated budgeting and cash management into the accounting         process.
  • Manages and facilitates the budgeting of all operations, financial and Investment sectors.
  • Set and follow the budget and edit reports.

Project Management

  • Includes accounting features to create dedicated project and jobbing accounting.
  • Managing of all projects within the accounting software and facilitates the allocation – processing of all transactions to each defined project or jobbing task.
  • Created unlimited project and jobbing task
  • Includes divisional – business unit accounting
  • Multi controlled access for office and field staff
  • Brand to own logo
  • Sales credit note
  • Sales quotes
  • Sales by product category
  • Purchasing credit notes
  • Payroll integration
  • Edit VAT reports
  • Edit corporate tax & year end reports
  • Can submit annual returns direct to some countries
  • Cash control reports
  • Cash flow reports & statements
  • List all your accounts
  • Detailed sales & purchasing book reports
  • EC & other sales reports
  • Intern audit reports


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