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Please note accounting product training & assistance are two separate features. Assistance is ongoing and included in your cloud service.

Training, is dedicated training to one or more persons at a time. A defined training session, certified on completion.


Assistance covers accounting assistance on your business type.

It covers assistance with Account settings , chart of accounts, sales tax, budgets, other details

Bookkeeping processing and the use of the software.


Details of Training

Training covers academic and practical training.

This covers all process to bookkeeping, Accounting, reporting and various task, adapting chart of accounts, IFRS, IAS, GAAP ACCOUNTING STANDARDS.

Training time

Only Monday to Thursday:

Familiarization of all Software is Free.

This can take from 30 minutes to one hour. On purchase confirmation familiarizing time are below and according to subscription period.


1 month – 30 minutes once off of familiarization

2 Months – 60 Minutes once off familiarization

Once off, with a maximum of 1 hour accorded. Thereafter any client requiring further training must subscribe to a training session with a softdrive tutor.

Training methods


Via Skype direct with your software. Sessions are over one week and very practical. Suits staff with some or more experience.


Fixed times, regularly over three months. Includes academic and practical training, suits staff with little or no experience.


Via your software dashboard there are tutorial videos available.


In house training at company premises or dedicated training center.

Training cover the complete functioning and processing related to the software purchased and all reporting methods – here we train to give staff additional experience qualities and know how

Practical training is also available – Via Softdrive online demo or directly with the software product purchased & it is possible to train you by processing you actual entries with you :

  • Setting up all your company accounting details
  • Setting up your currency preferences
  • Setting up your SALES TAX %
  • Setting up your general ledger accounts like, clients, suppliers, bank accounts (the software has ready made general accounts that correspond with expense categories, etc…)
  • Setting up your opening balances brought forward
  • Starting you off on your first transaction
  • Importance of bookkeeping double entries processing your invoices, expenses with you online as part of your training
  • Checking your bookkeeping & the trial balance
  • Transferring the information to your accountant
  • Training on editing your VAT reports, monthly performance & analysis editing your financial position with       P & L edits, balance sheet to date edits, year end reports & internal audit checks, debtors & creditors report.

In this course, we introduce you to accounting software & show you the bookkeeping & accounting processing steps of all your related accounting admin : invoices, expenses, reporting, managing. To start, you will gain some practical skills in processing accounts. You will learn & understanding the fundamental principles that underpin bookkeeping & accounting. You will learn the time honored rules of double entry bookkeeping & also how to prepare a trial balance & the two principal financial statement : the balance sheet (also know as the statement of financial  position) & the profit & loss account (also know as the income statement). The cost of this training, which is one hour per day Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday at scheduled booked times via Skype is 250.00 £, $ or €

This training session is one to one and is certified by SoftDrive. For special group training at any location contact us.

Training covers all products purchased.


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