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Sme Professional software

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Sme Professional Payroll

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Sme Payroll

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Professional Payroll Software | Sme Professional Payroll|Sme Professional Software | Sme Payroll

Best Professional Payroll Software and Sme Payroll Support

Payroll from BOBOSOHO

Best Professional Payroll Software and Sme Payroll Support


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choose your plan Basic Payroll 2 FREE!! Basic Payroll 5 5.00 € Payroll 10 7.00 € Payroll 25 10.00 €

  • Business Unit,
  • Total Employees,
  • Paid Salary,
  • Working Days,
  • Monthly Submission,
  • Calendar,
  • Task Description
User Access Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Language

-Payroll is dedicated to 15 languages

Minimum No. of Staff 2 5 10 25
No. of Payslips Per Year 24 260 520 1300
Monthly Transactions

  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
Company Profile:

  • Company Setup,
  • Edit Company

All Business Units:

  • Create New Department,
  • Edit Department,
  • Listed Business Units
Employee Profile:

  • Create New Employee,
  • Edit Employees,
  • Listed Employees
sme professional payroll
Basic Payroll 2 Basic Payroll 5 Payroll 10 Payroll 25
Create Payslip Items:

  • Create New Payslip Item,
  • Edit Payslip Items
  • View Payslip Items for Individuals
  • View Payslip Items for General,
  • Listed Grades
Universal Payslips
(Adapts to all countries):

  • Create New Payslip,
  • View Payslip,
  • Rerun Payslip,
  • Payslip History
Dedicated Country Payslips X X
User may request own design payslip X X X

  • Department Wise Report
  • Month Wise Report
  • Digital Payroll Reporting per Country
professional payroll software
Basic Payroll 2 Basic Payroll 5 Payroll 10 Payroll 25
General Digital Reporting (Default Format) X
Dedicated Digital Payroll Reporting per Country/Client

  • (Plugged into clients tax office on request)�0D
Dedicated Software With Unlimited Support:

  • Online Continue Free Support,
  • Text, Call Or Skype,
  • Video Tutorials

Buy a dedicated software application and receive unlimited dedicated support and training for free. Join our 1 to 12 hour training sessions for free, anytime unlimited for clients team



Free Basic Payroll 2

A free starter pack, use for Unlimited time and Upgrade to super features when required and maintain data or can view other Payroll Packages

View Free Basic Payroll 2 Pack Video

Unlimited Payroll

Employee Profile

Calender, Task Agenda

Automised Payslip

Email Payslip

Fixed Pay or Hourly Pay

Dedicated Country Payslip

Multi Access from any device

Digital Reporting

Automated Dedicated Social Tax Return to Government Office

Automated Dedicated Staff Tax Return to Government Office

Payroll on Cloud

Data secured in 128-bit ssl encryption

Video Tutorials

Support via text and call