White Label Conditions


Greeting from SoftDrive

We take pleasure in personally detailing below all details pertaining to the SoftDrive white label membership.


White Label Partnership:

  • Discounts are accorded on condition they advertised and their payment dates are met.
  • The normal Full member fee is 795 € £ $
  • First top up for full members is 50 $ £ € and thereafter to top up when balance reaches 20 € $ £
  • Pay and go no entry fee. Prices and advantages differ from full member prices. Refer to price tables above. Minimum top up at 100 $ £ € and thereafter to top up when balance reaches 20.

Chart of accounts and changes to your main frame:

  • When choosing to integrate own your own chart of accounts. Certain GL accounts must be made “not delectable” to protect processing errors and using the default mode for additional processing protection of database. Once your GL accounts are coded in, SoftDrive will inform which accounts are default accounts and thus non-delectable accounts.
  • Other non-default GL accounts if never used may be deleted, edited and renamed. No GL account in use can be deleted, even if balance is processed to zero.
  • Once set, account categories and type (assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, cost and expenses) cannot be deleted or number ID changed. Names can be edited.
  • SoftDrive will apply any dedicated requirements to your own white label database on conditions it is not a security breach, is a front-end or a change on your database. Naturally it must be financial possible for us both (charges may apply). We suggest you refer to listed integrated featured prices above.

Digital Connections to your government office:

  • Going further the team will connect your software direct to your reporting tax office for digital reporting and for each respective client to the same tax office.
  • Tax links to outside your area are feasible as per pricing conditions
  • These tax link connections are provided by the member; Email receiving address for government year end, tax, payroll and corporate tax reporting must be inserted by the member and their end user client directly into the software, other links (VPN) must be provided to SoftDrive to make the connection to your software; once done reports can be posted directly
  • The member must forward the reporting formats they want plugged into their software for Sales tax, Payroll, corporate tax and year-end reports.

Distribution rights:

  • Full members may sell across borders (3 countries maximum before acquiring an additional license (once off membership fee will apply per every two additional countries added) and multi brand their products.
  • Pay and Go are limited to two independent countries and limited to one brand name logo.

Price Increases:

  • Unique bulk prices with no increase for 2 years. Yearly increase when applied based on the consumer price index.

Currency Choice:

  • Currency choice, we allow payment in £ $ €. On condition you use the currency of your country location. For those outside the currency areas £ $ €, they may select their currency advantage. You may pay in your own country currency via a dedicated email payment request by SoftDrive.
  • To receive a request of this kind, Send amount and currency by email


Startup Offers:

  • Startup offer for members: Starting out assistance with your first 50 packs, on condition you pay the membership fee and top up within 15 days or for pay as you go you top up with 100 € £ $. (See pricing table)
    The pack on offer cost 50$ £ € monthly for 50 software at 1 unit per software for full members and 80 $ £ € for pay as you go members (Any product item mix) at 1.60 unit per software.
  • Once the appropriate fees are received you may create your subscriptions products for your clients and issue 5 units from the first 50 pack (notification must be sent that partners are taking the 50 pack. Some partner may want to buy individual products or different packs): and some prefer the 50 software for 50 £ $ € (or 80) per 50 pack. The currency you use will depend on your locations. But you will not pay the 50 £ $ € (or 80) per month until you have sold all. You will pay for 5 units per month at 5 € £ $ (8 for pay as you go) and then add 1 £ $ € (1.60 for pay as you go) on each time you sell and create a new product subscription for your client. Or if you resell or issue a quantity of more than 5 when you start, you will start off at that quantity issued and add 1 (or 1.60) on as you sell your software. The advantage of this allows you the full benefit of 50 software for 50 £ $ €  (or 80 for pay as you go)_ one £ $ € (or 1.60 for pay as you go) per software, the lowest and best cost price of 1£ $ € (1.60 for pay as you go) per unit. Further we will extend this to your second lot of 50 units when you have sold and subscribed the first 50 units to your clients; our way of helping your business and or switching over to SoftDrive.

Bank Charges:

  • Bulk wholesale prices are so low; topping up incurs Bank charges (payment charges). Members pay monthly in advance by toping up with 50 £ $ € or 100 for pay as you go each time. A minimum balance of 20 £ $ € is required and you will receive a credit confirmation that the top up is received. The invoice will be sent when you issue your software and the amount debited to your top up.
  • Note all top up value is used for your purchases less the commission fee (bank charges) charged by the payment provider. So when topping up we will add the bank commission fee charged.
  • For example online card payments 50 $ + 3.5% (1.75) PayPal = 51.75 $ is the amount you will pay which includes the top up and bank charges. Your account will be credited with a 50$ top up. And the bank in this case PayPal will collect the 1.75 $
  • Some payment commission fees are higher than others, for example PayPal and some payment systems charge more than others. So select the payment provider we provide according to your location and their commission charged. The bank charges will be shown in the first invoice but will not be deducted from your top up account as you paid that when you topped up
  • Direct bank transfers are preferred. Here there are no added bank charges for you to pay: send your payment direct and no bank charges are applied.
  • Dedicated email payment request with your dedicated payment link are charged (bank charges) at 3 £ $ € for collection. So the payment request will be the amount you are topping up plus the bank charge. Again 50 $ or 100 will be credited to your top up account and 3$ will go to the bank / Payment provider

Demo Models:

  • GL accounting software demo and one admin panel is provided in the presentation. The admin panel is charged out at 5 £ $ € per month for technical support and updates after 6 months. The one GL Accounting demo account is free as a demo for your clients Once you activate your account the admin panel will be invoiced out at 5 $ £ € monthly.
  • For your own use it is suggested that you take a product from the 50 pack at 1 £ $ € each for full members and from the 100 pack for pay as you go members..

Account activation:

  • Note: Accounts must be activated within 30 days after receiving the presentation by a payment as per conditions above. Non-activation, after three months SoftDrive will archive the account.
  • For active members, the account will continue on conditions you pay the necessary monthly charges. If the member does not pay for 60 days the account will be archived as per our terms and conditions. To re-activate an archived account a modest amount of 15 £ $ € will be levied. All data will be stored for 7 years as per archive regulations. To recuperate any data fees will apply at 5 £ $ € per month of archive period plus late interest charges.
  • Archive accounts, you may request we archive your account for later activation or just a pure archive for 7 years at 5 $ £ € per month, with no recuperation charges levied.

Converting from pay as you go to Full member:

  • You may convert to full member. Within 90 days 795.00 £ $ €. One year later 1395.00 £ $ € and receive full member values from the date of conversion all prices on units prior will remain the same until the start of the next year. Thereafter they will be aligned to full member prices.


  • Payroll products are not included here, for payroll membership, membership extension to payroll cost 795/2 = 397.50 £ $ € for full members. Pay as you Go membership is available.
  • These same conditions apply to payroll. Except one license per country
  • For each GL accounting plus software you issue, one payroll 5 can be added at 1 £ $ € per month.

Admin panel:

  • This is invoiced at £ $ € 5 after 6 months for all members.

Training video:

  • Training videos are available on the partner secured page https://officetools.bobosoho.com/main-partner-secure/ and login with partnerSd : showing you how to create a software subscription; also how to create a customize product with your suitable name and logo.
  • You can arrange a Skype meeting between 09 h 00 12 h Monday to Thursday with us. Call to Skype bfin.ltd prior notification by text is required
  • Software end user training videos may be found on each software and the members panel.



  • Partners can request email payment links, pay on www.softdrive.company partner payment page or transfer direct to BFIN bank account at
  • Bank IBAN_FR62 3000 2030 3700 0007 3125 M63
  • Bank Name LCL


  • Members may brand their own application as per prices set above.
  • Yearly maintenance charge is an option a member may do this directly.
  • An alternative application access to login from any device is available.
  • If you want your own GL accounting manager applications with your own logo, name, and direct subscription to the IOS and Android platform, thus permitting clients to view your brand and subscribe directly to your products; we can build you that. Prices set in table above. Here your own IOS and Android account will be created with your company details, logo, product images and detailed description with key words that you supply. Noting you the owner of these applications – IOS and android accounts.
  • Your own license fee must be updated yearly, this with an unlimited maintenance management support, including updates to the products by SoftDrive will cost 250$ per year (Includes present IOS license fee of 80$).

Other conditions:


The BFIN GROUP PLC, and its operations companies reserve the right to modify and update the conditions as per  regulatory changes and other intern board decisions.